Be Different

May 19, 2018

In today’s competitive world, man is striving to achieve more and better than others, just to become superior. Be it a bigger house or car or jewellery or anything under the sun. He just wants to be different. But in the race of doing something new and becoming different, he has been forgetting all his […]


May 15, 2018

One gives the other only, what he posseses. This materialistic world has nothing to offer but for sorrows, worries or tension, then how can one expect the ultimate peace or pleasure from it. This is the place where within a moment, one can fall down from top or can reach top from the scratch. Can […]


May 8, 2018

one small spark- if not dowsed on time, it can take the form of deadly fire and eventually destroys us. Similarly, the small weaknesses of our life are just like the sparks, which we should never neglect. “what will happen, if done once: it’s just a small mistake, it’s okay sometimes”, we generally say such […]

Focus on Your Goal

April 28, 2018

Prabhu ji tells us that when She was in school, Bapu ji got her head shaven. Students in the school used to tease Her. She complained to Bapuji, then Bapuji told her that those, who tease, are teasing this body and you are not body, you are the soul, then why to worry. Be happy. […]


April 10, 2018

When a body dies, it is called a dead body or a skeleton. If seen practically, a body, that is alive, is equivalent to a skeleton only. It is the extreme grace of God that, He has covered this skeleton of ours with skin like cover to soothe our eyes. Otherwise, there is nothing in […]

Hypnotism Through Satsang (Spiritual Discourse)

April 3, 2018

Peace, happiness, positivity or negativity are within us only, not anywhere else. Outside, there is just the source of happenings, which take place, but it’s our thoughts only which make us sad or happy. For example, when we are in a happy state and someone says something negative about us, we say that, this person […]

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