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The Depth of Knowledge

January 11, 2018

(Contd. From the book “The Depth of Knowledge”) Shriji: what to do to have detachment with our body? Maiyaji: Think that, ‘We are the Observers, this is a scene and we are the drivers of this body’. Shriji: Maiya, how to adopt it practically? Maiyaji: Practice will make it easier. Shriji: Maiya, shouldn’t we follow […]



January 9, 2018

One who listens to the satsang, whenever in life, he comes across any problem, the satsang he has listened to, certainly helps him to get rid of all his worries. Problems which have come across will vanish too. Whatever happens for good only. Even the worst situation too will pass through- such wisdom thoughts developed […]

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The Depth of Knowledge

December 28, 2017

Shriji: But we don’t accept our own non existence. Maiyaji: Because body, mind and intellect all keep changing, but the witness(sakshi) doesn’t change. Shriji: maiya , You say that we are separate from body, then when we say  for others that ‘he has aged or that       he is not well’”, why don’t we say the […]

God - The powerhouse


December 26, 2017

Electronic items like TV, fridge, AC etc. are useless without electricity because electricity is the prerequisite or running of these items. These items will stop working if there is no light and when electricity is there, there is light and all such items will run or work automatically. It means that till the time electric […]

spiritual master- Agent Of God


December 23, 2017

We generally need an agent when we seek a life insurance or any other insurance. Similarly, a Spiritual Master comes into our lives as an agent of that Supreme Lord. God’s another name is ‘Guru’ only. We can’t see God with our physical eyes, therefore, Lord appears in the form of Guru. Similarly, we should […]

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The Depth of Knowledge

December 21, 2017

Shriji: Maiya! You Say that the original and true demand of all beings is Realisation of God, do animals too make effort for that? Maiyaji: Yes, knowingly or unknowingly, everyone is progressing on that path only. Everyone seeks for that Ultimate Happiness only. Everybody, be it a thief, a good or bad man, animals or […]

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