RAM NAM MAHIMA–Prernamurti Bharti Shriji

October 23, 2017

Prernamurti Bharti Shriji, explains here the significance of Saints, who do mostly threee things: 1) Make you walk on path of God. 2) To make you well cultured for God. 3) To make you capable to meet God. Prernamurti Bharti Shriji, says”Saints strive for betterment and upliftment of the Society, hence they inspire us to […]

Tunning Of Mind, Body & Intellact – Prernamurti Bharti Shriji

October 14, 2017

Verily, the mind is unsteady, tumultuous, powerful, obstinate! O Krishna, I consider the mind as difficult to master as the wind! – The Bhagavad Gita VI:34 The state of constant calmness (neutralization of restless thoughts) is attained by the continuous practice of meditation and by keeping the attention fixed at the point between the eyebrows. […]

Significance Of Satsang–Prernamurti Bharti Shriji

October 3, 2017

The Guru is the bestower of silence who reveals the light of Self-knowledge that shines as the residual reality. Spoken words are of no use whatsoever if the eyes of the Guru meet the eyes of the disciple. The flow of power from the Guru can be received by anyone whose attention is focused on […]

Unconditional Surrender

September 16, 2017

Someone asked Gopis – Why do you love Krishna so much? He is dark in complexion, has doesn’t look straight, has awkward style of standing and walking. He lies, steals cloths, etc. He is a clever too. What good quality you find in him that you love him so much¦!! You are so beautiful, you […]


August 19, 2017

When a body dies, it is called a dead body or a skeleton. If seen practically, a body, that is alive, is equivalent to a skeleton only. It is the extreme grace of God that, He has covered this skeleton of ours with skin like cover to soothe our eyes. Otherwise, there is nothing in […]


July 22, 2017

Our Revered Shriji says: There is no use of reading books on Vedanta or Scriptures , if you don’t know how to conduct yourself. You listen to Satsang, but don’t apply in your life, then, there is no use of listening to satsang. One must be able to watch his/her faults or drawbacks by himself/herself. […]

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