Keys Of Spiritual Success

March 3, 2018

Chanting God’s name do give positive returns, but doing pranayam first followed by Omkar gunjan for at least 5 to 10 times and then chanting, the returns are multiplied 100 times, because our mind and body are in a balanced state.​P​ranayam and buzzing sound of ‘Aum’ adds value to our sadhana   (​spiritual practice) and we […]


January 9, 2018

One who listens to the satsang, whenever in life, he comes across any problem, the satsang he has listened to, certainly helps him to get rid of all his worries. Problems which have come across will vanish too. Whatever happens for good only. Even the worst situation too will pass through- such wisdom thoughts developed […]


December 23, 2017

We generally need an agent when we seek a life insurance or any other insurance. Similarly, a Spiritual Master comes into our lives as an agent of that Supreme Lord. God’s another name is ‘Guru’ only. We can’t see God with our physical eyes, therefore, Lord appears in the form of Guru. Similarly, we should […]


December 19, 2017

If you desire achievements, happiness in life, then keep your eye on God only to fulfill them. Just like, our shadow runs ahead us when we walk against sun light and on the contrary, when we walk facing sun, our shadow follows us. Similarly, when we walk keeping our eye on Supreme God, Who is […]

Cow- A Holy Treasure

November 14, 2017

 A strong and unfathomable relationship exists between Man and Cows.  This relationship is akin to the relation between the body and the soul. The Cows effortlessly mingle and get integrated into the society of man. No other animal is as sociable as the Cows. Cows provide numerous resources which are tremendously beneficial for the physical, […]

DEVOTION—Prernamurti Bharti Shriji

October 31, 2017

Higher devotion leads to higher value of life. Ex water, the more deeper, the more silent and most Stronger. Devotion lets you nurture more happiness from supernatural world compared to existing. It evaluates life from normal to higher values and greater morals in life. Devotion changes fortune, whatever you wish to achieve in life, you […]

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