May 12, 2018


People say that, “I cant live without wife or husband or the family”. A few say that, they can’t live without tobacco, mobile or cigarette. Some find it difficult to survive without tea. When we let such things rule our lives, we tend to become their slaves and they, our master. Actually, the more we succumb to these things, the more they make us their slave. For example, most of the people believe that if they don’t take 2-3 cups of tea daily, their head starts aching. But its not like that. Had it been true, had the headaches been relieved by drinking tea, we would not have needed doctors anymore. But the fact is, that, when we go to sleep at night, we leave everything behind and then sleep. When we abandon everything like our likings, disliking, even all our thoughts, only then we would be able to sleep. When we sleep, only then we meet with God and then only, we get a sound sleep.

Our sleep is a live example before us that we can live without everything but God. We get all the energy to work for the next day only after we go to sleep and unknowingly become One with that Ultimate. So, if we become One with Him knowingly with our eyes open, we ourselves will become a source of happiness and energy. One who becomes One with Him, doesn’t have to run after this materialistic world but the world runs after them. Hence, it is better to leave slavery of others and take refuge of that Supreme Lord only.


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