Shriji Charitam Biography

A divine incarnation for the public welfare and social reforms on Sunday, 15th Dec,1974 near the banks of Sabarmati river at Ahmedabad, India known for its rich spiritual lineage. An ideal of complete abidance in truth, endless brightness that has come to kindle the light of righteousness in many hearts and immense simplicity with source of inspiration led the identification as Prernamurti Bharti Shriji. A great visionary and a born leader who can lead everyone with innateness. An eloquent poet, writer and an orator by birth also a melodious singer touching numerous hearts by filling joyfulness in them. A mere sight of Shriji can transform the mind of a negative person to an optimistic approach. An excellent scanner from where nothing can be kept covered which reveals past, present and future. A highly intellectual sense with keen memory for which sky’s the limit and ocean is the depth glows the knowledge of wisdom.
A Sympathetic merciful heart with lots of affection for all creatures who always takes care of the poor and needy compassionately. A strictly self-disciplined attitude devoted towards service without any excuse or personal pain or concerns.Shriji involves herself in all activities claiming “No work is small ” so advises to work honestly and selflessly with no expectations can always result best.No complaints or grievances ever toward the hardship faced in life which one cannot realise by the everlasting beautiful smile in any severe situation. A spotless identity with an ideal behaviour, clear character and firm approach.
Understanding the thoughts of people for a child, young or old comes naturally to Shriji and packages the divine knowledge differently for each segment in her own inspiring and joyous ways. Through her simple teachings and instant inspirations problem solving practical examples toward the journey of life enriches everyone. Shriji’s direct experience and understanding of Vedanta reflects through words which one can relate and adapt easily in life. Shriji understands our expressed and unspoken feelings resolving our needs with a mere smile gracefully satisfying us. Shriji says smiling is the beautiful gift which can be given to anyone which costs nothing and happiness is the spiritual experience of living every minute with love, grace and gratitude. Shriji has inspired thousands of lives across the world with unconditional love and unique ways of driving initiatives. Shriji perceived the degeneration in values and family systems and to overcome it strengthened value based education programs for energising schools through Shri Geeta prerna and Ascent of life programs. Looking towards the climate changes and careless attitude for the ecosystem, Shriji connected faith with nature and launched Harit Kranti initiative saving nature to ensure the future. To strengthen the weak souls of the labour class who tend to drag their lives towards various addictions Shriji came up with Ayushman bhav – de addiction campaign. Awakening the power within the women Shriji empowered them to overcome their suppressed or inferior feelings. Worshipping and serving cows Shriji led the attention of society towards the panchagavya medications which saved many lives. Shriji carried out researches on scientific garbh sanskar bringing divine souls to earth through Divya Shishu Ratna program. Celebrations are the important part of our culture so Shriji believes in enjoying festivals beyond imaginations with its real purpose. A versatile personality with great selfless ideas – Yuvacon for youths. Shriji thus inspires us hence is Prernamurti – a crowning master for the upcoming future of great united India.

Shriji Lifestyle

Shriji is very disciplined and lives a very simple life full of services. Shriji strictly follow daily chores without any miss or gap. Shriji says the first thought of morning makes your day complete, so the moment you wake up, first thank God and pray for everyone’s health, peace and happiness. Day of Shriji initiates by awakening everyday at brahma muhurta then practices various spiritual activities likewise dhyan, jap, asan, pranayam, pratah bhraman, suryopasana etc. followed by worshiping and feeding Gaumata, feeding grains to birds. It is advised by Shriji that these activities must be practiced daily by everyone to stay fit and energetic. As it is said that a sound mind resides in a healthy body and for both Sattvic food and Satsang is must.Shriji thus everyday provides simple discourse that keeps the mind calm and nourished..


The best habit of Shriji is carrying food packets for the needy in the vehicle and sharing those to them on the way. Shriji has keen interest in reading shastras and at the same time stays updated on the current wave of the world. Shriji is profound in writing Poems and articles to educate people in understanding the prosperity of God and find a right path to live a happy life. Apart from these, Shriji observes amavasya daan. To signify the beauty of silence Shriji observes Moun for the first half or the whole day on every Monday. Also Shriji advises to practice Trikal sandhya, omkar jap and naam sankirtan to stay charged for the entire day. Before shayan perusal of Shatras is practiced by Shriji which makes your night spent in Yog nidra.Shriji advises to observe Ekadashi vrat- Body Servicing day once in every 15 day for detoxifying the body. Shriji even visits ancient pilgrims and temples to protect and conserve them for the future generation..

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