Prerna Geet

As water is same everywhere, but by using it with different methods we can get different tastes & benefits of water. In the same way to find the one & only God and to find eternal, real happiness we also try different methods. But it is only when our soul attains the knowledge of God through different mediums that it accepts those knowledgeble facts. To make your heart aware and understand the happiness in God, Pujya Shreeji has made a collection of Bhajan CD available for one and all in his divine, soulful voice where you will find:-

  1. Jivan Dhan2:12DevotionalClick to Download
  2. man k haare1:57DevotionalClick to Download
  3. Tere foolo se b pyar5:28DevotionalClick to Download
  4. Sant darsh3:05DevotionalClick to Download
  5. om namo bhagwate vasudevay26:15DevotionalClick to Download
  6. shri ram jai ram5:29DevotionalClick to Download
  7. hariom vithalla8:59DevotionalClick to Download
  8. anand kirtan9:47DevotionalClick to Download
  9. hare ramaa9:22DevotionalClick to Download
  10. bam bam bhole24:58DevotionalClick to Download
  11. aarti5:36DevotionalClick to Download