Hareram Kirtan

“Kaliyug sam jug aan nahi jo nar kar biswaas |
Gaayee Ram gun gun bimal bhav tar binahi prayaas ||”

Shri Ramcharitmanas.

Who is unaware of the world famous story, where mere stones even floated on water after writing Raam Naam on them. Why can not a living human being also float throught the ocean of life just by reciting ‘Raam Naam’.
Merely by reciting ‘Raa……’ was Surdasji able to make a dead body alive. Tulsidaas made recovery of 500 people suffering from Psoriasis merely reciting ‘Raam Naam’ for three times.
By regularly chanting this name miracles happen.
This mantra helps us cross this evil era.
Many are experienced with divine feelings of peace, happiness and contemplation by hearing to this kirtan.

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