Divyanand Shivir

We have to face many hurdles before reaching the last milestone of attaining salvation. This DVD set called ‘Divyanand Shivir’ is a collection of discourses in the voice of Shreeji where you will find :-
1. Intimation of hurdles faced on the path of ‘Sadhana’ & steps for their avoidance or removal.
2. Attaining enlightenment by even living in family life.
3. Meditating all the way from ‘Shabad’ to ‘Nishabda Brahma’.
4.Spiritual ways to bring out your hidden powers.
This DVD / DVD set is available in the soulful voice of Shreeji for benefitment of all humankind.

  1. Gurudev Daya Kar Do3:13DevotionalClick to Download
  2. hare ram hare ram4:13DevotionalClick to Download
  3. me tera tera3:03DevotionalClick to Download
  4. omkar kirtan dhyan3:03DevotionalClick to Download
  5. Tu Tu n Rhe2:59DevotionalClick to Download