July 3, 2018


Repair & Maintenance- on listening to these two words, your attention immediately goes to the repair and maintenance of a vehicle. A car, scooter, bike, cycle rikshaw etc. all need repair & maintenance. Even plants and trees too need repair and maintenance. The mechanism of your body is very good. All the organs of your body take 2 hours each for their cleansing. This is the time when repair and maintenance of your body takes place. For example, your lungs’ time is 3-5 early in the morning, that’s why when we get up in the morning, cough releases from the body. The time for cleansing of intestines is 5-7 in the morning. Similarly, all other organs too divide time during 24 hrs. for their cleansing. During this time, your body cleanses all its impurities and deficiencies.

Now you tell me Sir, have you ever got done repair and maintenance of your mind? How much time do you devote to remove the impurities or get rid of the deficiencies of your mind? Your mind works more than your body. Countless thoughts come across your mind in a day, most of which are negative rather than positive. Those thoughts only make your mind polluted or impure.  Just like our body reacts to the impurities or deficiencies in our body, same way mind too reacts to such polluted thoughts. Hopelessness, depression, irritation, negativity, stubbornness, devil nature etc all are the result of impurities of mind. Everyone must take out some time for the cleansing of mind. Nourish your mind with positive thoughts and trash the unnecessary thoughts- This is the- REPAIR & MAINTENANCE OF MIND.


  • Practice meditation every morning. After bath, sit in a comfortable posture facing East. Take deep breadth and chant ‘Aum’. Do it 7-10 times. Slow down the speed of chanting with each pranayam. After 7-10 pranayam, keep watch on your breadth, which has become slow. Think that “all impurities of my mind are going out…my mind is enriching with energy…I am becoming fearless…I’m becoming radiant…I’m the treasure of power…become quite while thinking this. This way your mind will become happy and powerful.
  • Don’t watch any exciting or frightening scene in TV or read any such thing. Listen to some divine music or kirtana like ‘Aum Anantaye namah, Achutaye namah, Govindaye namah.. such mantras from Padampurana. This will enhance your immunity and your mind will be enriched with spiritual nectar.
  • Wherever you are, whenever you get time, slow down the speed of your breadth and touch your tongue with your talu and chant your gurumantra or lord’s name. practice it every day for 5-10 minutes and you will feel peace and infinite strength.
  • Sometimes, simply don’t do anything and just watch your thoughts. Tell your mind, “where are you wandering? Whom you are thinking about? What do you want?” keep a vigil on your running thoughts, just like a mother cares for a child! Your mind is just like a child. Keep mind in your control so that it distracts less.
  • There is a saying: “Empty mind, Devil’s house”! Therefore, keep your mind busy in some good work and this way it will be maintained. When your mind is empty, engage it in naam japa. Read good books & scriptures  & note down good things.
  • Take out some time from your busy life and spend it in the divine presence of Great men or your Spiritual Master. This will also help in repairing and maintaining of your mind.
  • Follow these guidelines and you will notice extraordinary change in your life.


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