The Depth of Wisdom

June 14, 2018

maaiyaji- prernamurti

Shriji: Maiya, the way we look at  things which don’t belong to us, the same way when we look at our own mind(mann), we immediately come to know what’s going on in our mind and what step we should take, we even feel this. That means at that time we are not attached to our mind. Is this wisdom Maiya?

Maiyaji: This is the art of observing our mind.

Shriji: Then what is Self Realisation ?

Maiyaji: knowing the real ‘I’.

Shriji: That means the awakening of Self is wisdom? Get to know that I’m just an observer or witness and what I have to do & when? I have to witness my body and my mind separate from me,  is that wisdom?

Maiyaji: I dwell in All and All dwell within me, this determination is wisdom.

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