The Depth of Wisdom

June 7, 2018

maaiyaji - prernamurti

(Contd. From the book “The Depth of Knowledge”)

Shriji: Maiya! As You said that ‘we accepted our existence that’s why we can say that we will become naturally happy if we die’. We say this because we accept our existence or because we want to get rid of our sorrows?

Maiyaji: ‘ get rid of to be happy…’ meaning that there is some “happy” element which exists within you. You  have the desire to be happy that’s why the ‘jeeva’(being)  wants to remain happy even after dying, otherwise life ends after death. Then where does the question of wanting or not wanting arise? You say that “this is my hand, this is my head” meaning that you consider yourself separate from your head or body, that’s why do  it practically. You say “my hand is paining” and not “I’m paining” because hand is separate from ‘Me’.

Shriji: Because we have assumed this body as ‘I’.

Maiyaji: Where are YOU in this whole body? Search peacefully. Every body part has got its own place. “This is my head, my nose, my foot, my stomach, my tongue”, then where is the whole body? Every part is separate. Then you too are separate from every part. Then whom do you call the ‘WHOLE’?

Shriji: Then who is this ‘I’ Maiya?

Maiyaji: That only has to be searched. So, search that.


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