The Depth of Knowledge

December 28, 2017

maaiyaji 2

Shriji: But we don’t accept our own non existence.

Maiyaji: Because body, mind and intellect all keep changing, but the witness(sakshi) doesn’t change.

Shriji: maiya , You say that we are separate from body, then when we say  for others that ‘he has aged or that       he is not well’”, why don’t we say the same things for our own body?

Maiyaji: we have concealed our ‘I’ under our body. This material world is a ‘scene’(drishya) and ‘I’ is a witness (drishta). ‘Drishya’ changes but ‘drishta’ never change.

Shriji: But our body does undergo change!

Maiyaji: Yes definitely! Body does undergo change and you are its witness.

Shriji: when someone dies, why don’t people think on seeing him that one day we will too meet the same fate leaving behind everything.


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