5th August 2017 – Joint Vedic Rakshabandhan

We have heard & seen about group banquet, group marriage, group sacred thread changing etc rituals but we have not seen this kind of group Vedic Rakshabandhan celebration and group affectionate meeting of brother and sisters that only happens in the company of Shriji every year. Usually every year this festival is being celebrated with great revelry (enthusiasm) under the guidance of Shriji but this year it is being celebrated at large scale in schools. More than 45000 students belonging to more than 125 schools of our country took the pleasure of this festival with great excitement and understood the real meaning of Rakshabandhan. This program converted modernity into celestial environment. All the students had innocent feelings of affection and sense of protection towards each other in their eyes.

Power of Vedic RakshaSutra (sacred thread) was explained and distributed as a gift by going at government offices, Banks, main temples, Hotels, Hospitals, Shopping centers and all the cabinets & their departments in Gandhinagar, central and state offices, Headquarters, Gujarat Police Academy and main police stations in Ahmedabad. Satprerna organization (Winner of LIMCA BOOK OF RECORDS – 2014 & WORLD RECORDS INDIA – 2016) governed under the able guidance of Shrijiwas awarded third time with “WORLD RECORDS INDIA – 2017” award on 5-8-2017 by Doon blossom academy for organizing such a huge and epic joint Rakshabandhan celebration.