25th March 2018 -Surat(Gujarat)- Raam Navami

There are generally 4-6 members in a family. Even those 4-6 don’t live with each other with unity. If mother in law says something, daughter in law will say opposite and like that other relations of the house. Everyone in the house has different thoughts and opinions. If seen through the eyes of outsiders, they seem to be one family, but inside story is generally different. Having difference in opinions is not a big deal but there should not be difference in hearts. “the pleasure and satisfaction one gets in taking everyone together, that pleasure is not there in walking alone”- that was the principle of Lord Rama. When we go to visit some garden, if there are trees planted in a row  are alike, then they look good and attract everyone as compared to one tree of its type standing alone. Its being said too that “Unity is strength in Kaliyuga”. Therefore, on this auspicious day of Raam Navami, we should also try to implement this principle of Lord Raama and the whole world should unite together and live peacefully.