24th Jan , 2018 – Barkal (Baroda, Gujarat)-Narmada Jayanti

On the auspicious occasion of Narmada Jayanti, around the flowing crops of banana and cotton, Shriji and other devotees performed puja of ‘Holy Narmada River’. In the evening Shriji light diyas in the river and made everybody do the same. After lighting of diyas, Shriji started meditation and with the nectar of Her divine eyes ,made everybody present there, to enter into the deep state of ecstasy. No laughing class, no musical instrument, no any other external source of entertainment……still , everyone was so enthralled with the internal upliftment, that everyone was laughing whole heartedly. This not only depicted external happiness and joy but internal too. This happiness converted tension into relaxation, resolved all problems of mind and established peace in mind, body and soul.