The Depth of Wisdom

May 31, 2018

……..contd. from the book -The Depth of Wisdom. Shriji: Maiya! You Say that the original and true demand of all beings is Realisation of God, do animals too make effort for that? Maiyaji: Yes, knowingly or unknowingly, everyone is progressing on that path only. Everyone seeks for that Ultimate Happiness only. Everybody, be it a […]


May 29, 2018

Some scientist said that “earth is round in shape” and we believed that. It might be a square or a triangle in shape. But we believed, what that scientist said. We were told in our childhood that these are our parents and we believed that too. Same way we sit in a bus, train or […]

Cow- A Holy Treasure

May 26, 2018

A strong and unfathomable relationship exists between Man and Cows.  This relationship is akin to the relation between the body and the soul. The Cows effortlessly mingle and get integrated into the society of man. No other animal is as sociable as the Cows. Cows provide numerous resources which are tremendously beneficial for the physical, […]

The Depth of Knowledge

May 24, 2018

(Contd. From the book “The Depth of Knowledge”) Maiyaji:That is because of the excess attachment. We don’t even think about it that, the body which we have been decorating, the things we have been collecting, one day, they all will be left behind. This is the only wonder that while saying good bye to another, […]

The Reel of Life

May 22, 2018

Who’s happy with his life? Who is not grieved? Everybody is. So, we should not get disturbed or worried on petty things. This reel of life will keep moving in this way only. When we go to watch a movie in a theatre, the shooting of that film is already completed. We just sit and […]

Be Different

May 19, 2018

In today’s competitive world, man is striving to achieve more and better than others, just to become superior. Be it a bigger house or car or jewellery or anything under the sun. He just wants to be different. But in the race of doing something new and becoming different, he has been forgetting all his […]

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