January 30, 2018

Have you ever thought that from where do all the things or substances appear from and where do they disappear? Everything on this earth emerges from and then merges back into nature. For example water emerges from and merges back into nature; food grains, fruits etc. emerges from and merges back into soil. But what […]

The Fruits of Unconditional Service

January 27, 2018

Unconditional service carries high importance in man’s life. Unconditional service is the only way to please God or Saints. Selfless service creates a place in Master’s heart. While doing service, we should not bear in mind the fruit resulting from service. Selfless service in itself is a fruit. One must think that service he is […]

The Depth of Knowledge

January 25, 2018

(Contd. From the book “The Depth of Knowledge”) Shriji: But this is very difficult! Maiyaji: it’ s not difficult. Attaining wisdom is not difficult, but removing the layers of ignorance is difficult. The great and holy Epic, ‘Yogvashishtha MahaRamayna” says that. “plucking of leaves and flowers may take time, but Realisation of Self even takes […]


January 23, 2018

Different types, shapes, colors, fragrance of flowers have different prices. When we make a bunch of these different flowers with our profound love, it becomes a bouquet and becomes able to be gifted to the one we love. Similarly, when we dedicate, different thoughts and feelings occurring at different times in our minds, different deeds(good […]


January 20, 2018

One who is one’s own well wisher must do pranayam. Pranayam relaxes & elevates our mind, restlessness ends, there develops a balance between inhaling and exhaling of breath and eventually one feels peace of mind. Just like in a still water body, one can easily see the depth of water. If something fells into that […]

The Depth of Knowledge

January 18, 2018

(Contd. From the book “The Depth of Knowledge”) Shriji: Maiya, the way we look at  things which don’t belong to us, the same way when we look at our own mind(mann), we immediately come to know what’s going on in our mind and what step we should take, we even feel this. That means at […]

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