The true meaning of- PARADHEENTA (SUBJUGATION)

March 7, 2017

Subjugation…In common parlance, means to be under the control of someone else. Now who is this ‘Someone else’? Obviously, it could be anyone but you. It’s not only, any other person, thing, circumstance, place etc., which are considered as separate from you but, your very own body, is separate from you too because when any […]

“Birthday”- New Year of life

March 4, 2017

      Time has been running out constantly. It doesn’t know how to stop. Our Vedas describe time as a horse participating in the horserace. Like a hosre runs very fast in a horse race, similarly, time too runs very fast. There is no clue as to when this horserace of time began and […]

OBJECTIVE OF EDUCATION  (Especially for School & College students)

February 13, 2017

The purpose of education is said to be met, only if, we are developing the feelings of service motive towards society & our nation, respect for parents and reverence towards our Spiritual master & God. Whatever higher degree of education one attains from highest of Institution or University of the world, but, if one doesn’t […]

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