The Depth of Knowledge

November 30, 2017

(Contd. From the book “The Depth of Knowledge”) Maiyaji:That is because of the excess attachment. We don’t even think about it that, the body which we have been decorating, the things we have been collecting, one day, they all will be left behind. This is the only wonder that while saying good bye to another, […]

Develop Your Vision

November 28, 2017

Can you see the greenery around?.It seems that the whole earth has worn sari of green color.It’s so beautiful, isn’t it?.Only one earth is there across.Same earth, same sunlight and water is also the same.Even then, at one place rice is cultivated, whereas at the other place chili is cultivated.At one place sugarcane is cultivated, […]

Faith In God

November 25, 2017

Prernamurti Bharti Shriji inspires us to have deep abiding faith in God and his Messengers to humanity. Implementing their teachings with faith will speed our progress in the spiritual life. Have deep abiding faith in God and  his Messengers to humanity. Develop faith and trust in the teaching and lives of the Avataras, the Divine […]

“The Depth of Knowledge”

November 23, 2017

(Contd. From the book “The Depth of Knowledge”) Shriji: But we don’t accept our own non existence. Maiyaji: Because body, mind and intellect all keep changing, but the witness(sakshi) doesn’t change. Shriji: maiya , You say that we are separate from body, then when we say  for others that ‘he has aged or that       he […]


November 21, 2017

This is Kartika month(the eighth lunar month in Hindu Calendar).In this month, doing charity and holy deeds has a lot of significance. One should wake up early in the morning before sun rise. On Dwitiya, Saptami, Navami, Dashami, Thrayodashi and Amavasya(i.e 2,7,9,10,13,15th day) , use of amla(gooseberry) should be avoided ,whereas on the remaining days, one should […]


November 18, 2017

Some scientist said that “earth is round in shape” and we believed that. It might be a square or a triangle in shape. But we believed, what that scientist said. We were told in our childhood that these are our parents and we believed that too. Same way we sit in a bus, train or […]

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