Significance of Sharad Purnima

September 30, 2017

  Sharad Purnima( full moon day of Hindu Lunar month of Aswin (Sep-Oct), is also known as Rasotsavâ(day on which Lord Krishna showered nectar through His flute) because on the night of Sharad Purnima, Lord Krishna played flute and showered nectar through it.  When He played flute, few Gopis who were milking cows ,immediately, when […]

The Depth of Knowledge

September 28, 2017

Contd. From the book “The Depth of Knowledge”) Shriji: Maiya! As You said that ‘we accepted our existence that’s why we can say that we will become naturally happy if we die’. We say this because we accept our existence or because we want to get rid of our sorrows? Maiyaji: ‘ get rid of […]

Unity is Power

September 26, 2017

Prernamurti Shriji inspires us to be united through the instance of a feather.She simply touches the feather and tries to separate the barbs of feather from middle.But instead of getting separated, they become wavy and thus create a new design. It inspires us that when there is unity, when we stand together for each other;none […]

Right  Perception

September 23, 2017

Every person looks at the world, situations or anything through his own eyes i.e his perception. Everybody has his own perception to look at things. One woman, but looked at by a son as his mother, by a father as his daughter, by a husband as his wife, by a student as his teacher, by […]

The Depth of Knowledge

September 21, 2017

(Contd. From the book “The Depth of Knowledge” ) Shriji: Maiya! For this, we would have to carefully think with wisdom. When the existence of this material world is constantly there, the human being can’t even think of anything. Maiyaji: where does this material world exist? Tell!  It’s been changing constantly. Shriji: But it is […]

Navratri – 21st to 29th September

September 19, 2017

  The nine manifestations of Goddess Durga worshipped on nine days are Shailputri, Brahmcharini, Chandraghanta, Kushmanda, Skandmata, katyayani, Kalratri, Mahagauri & Sidhidatri. The first three days of Navratri are dedicated for worshipping Goddess Kali to get rid of our dark deeds. The next three days of Navratri are dedicated for worshipping Goddess laxmi to earn wealth & prosperity. The last three days of Navratri are […]

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