July 22, 2017

Our Revered Shriji says: There is no use of reading books on Vedanta or Scriptures , if you don’t know how to conduct yourself. You listen to Satsang, but don’t apply in your life, then, there is no use of listening to satsang. One must be able to watch his/her faults or drawbacks by himself/herself. […]

Maaiyaji 3

Gyan ki Gehrai (The Depth of Wisdom)

July 20, 2017

..contd. from the book Gyan ki Gehrai (The Depth of Wisdom) Devotee: Ma! Could someone, without Mantra Initiation(DIKSHA), but keeping faith in words of scriptures does chanting-austerity and service, earn knowledge? Maiya: Yes, austerity and devotion done in previous lives enable one to earn knowledge now, but taking initiation from Guru could quicken the process. Devotee: Mother! Can […]



July 18, 2017

Shriji asked the devotees if anybody could tell what is the biggest cause of sorrow? Shriji continued, and told us a story of King Bharathari Once there was a King named Bharathari who had a very beautiful wife. He was so fond of her that he could not think of anything except for her. The […]


True Meaning of Life

July 15, 2017

Life is a flow and keep moving is another name of life. Being stand still is the name of death. If there is no progress in life that means life is standstill. Its lifeless. A moving life not only helps oneself but others too. In the eyes of Saints, earning lot of money or possessing […]


Gyan ki Gehrai (The Depth of knowledge)

July 13, 2017

.contd. from the book Gyan ki Gehrai (The Depth of knowledge) Devotee: Ma! Why do we find it difficult to dwell within ? Maiyaji: Sewa purifies innerself and brings inwardness, but if we keep engaged in fights, jealousy and back biting each other, how would we dwell within. If you will keep giggling or joking […]


Keeping Your Mind Empty

July 11, 2017

Our mind is like a computer. We should always keep this computer in good condition.  Don’t let it filled up with junk thoughts. Keep the junk thoughts deleted from time to time. Our mind is made up of many hard discs. If we will overload this with useless things, it will be hanged. So, delete […]

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