October 29, 2016

  “One Lampion( Diya) for resipiscence(pure mind)   One diya for internal enlightenment One diya for wisdom Glitters the whole world”                                                            –   Prernamurti Sh.Sh.Bharti Shriji   May your Diwali becomes special with the tips for happiness, prosperity, health, getting rid of domestic problems and for stable wealth….                              May the whole world glitter…. ATH SHRI… […]

Significance of Narak Chaturdashi

(Day to Enlighten the evil with Divinity) ‘Narak Chaturdashi’(14th day of lunar fortnight of the Hindu month of Kartika)) is also known as kali chaudas’. According to ‘Puranas’ (Hindu Scriptures), on this day, Lord Krishna killed the demon ‘Narakasura’ and made the world overcome its fear from the demons. This festival is celebrated in remembrance […]


October 28, 2016

The thirteenth day (of moon)(tryodashi) of kartik month – Krishna paksha is known as ‘DHANTERAS’. This belongs to both Yamaraja(God of Death) and Lord Dhanvantri On this day the Deities & Demons did ‘Samudra Manthan’(Churning of Sea) and out of that Lord Dhanvantri had appeared with a vase full of medicines to cure all diseases. […]

‘Gyan ki Gehrai’(The Depth of Wisdom)

October 27, 2016

……..contd. from the book ‘Gyan ki Gehrai’(The Depth of Wisdom) Devotee: Maiya! You say that endurance and devotion are two characteristics of devotees. When Gurudev scolds, admonishes or we get some other pain, how do we stand firm on our principles? Maiyaji: When Grief, scoldings come, increase contemplation of self. You should so understand that […]

Significance of Rama Ekadashi – 26th Oct ,2016

October 26, 2016

Listen listen listen, today is Dashami (Tenth day in the lunar fortnight) Listen listen listen, tomorrow is Ekadashi (Eleventh day in the lunar fortnight) Nobody shall have meals. O’ Spiritual Master, what is this? We request you to please explain it in detail. This is the kingdom of king Muchukunda. And today is Dashami, tomorrow […]

‘Gyan ki Gehrai’(The Depth of Wisdom)

October 21, 2016

……..contd. from the book ‘Gyan ki Gehrai’(The Depth of Wisdom) Devotee: Maiya! Earlier we used to get constant guidance from Guru but now He is so busy that, He hasn’t got time to even look at us, Why then do we need to stay here anymore? Maiyaji: Do not think that He does not see […]

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