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In this world, there is no one whom we can call ours except God. Only God is ours in all circumstances. Worldly relationships are just for the name sake and are soaked in selfishness. Parents raise their son educate him with the intention that one day our son will earn well and support us in

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Top 10 wonder benefits of basil (tulsi) leaves

1.Tulsi is used as germicide, bactericide, deodorant, and anti-oedematous.

2.Fresh juice of basil is instilled in ears to get relief from earache.

3.Paste of basil and black pepper are used in case of insecticide. etc… read more

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  • 27Jan

    Magha Amavasya

    Amavasya is new moon day in Hindu calendar. It is significant day as many rituals are performed only on Amavasya Tithi. Amavasya falling on weekday Monday is known as Somvati Amavasya and Amavasya falling on weekday Saturday is known as Shani Amavasya. All Amavasya days are appropriate to perform Shraddha rituals to appease ancestors. Amavasya […]

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Pujya Shriji’s inspiritational and encouraging spiritual discourses; information about all the festivals and celebrations in a year and ways to celebrate them; what to do and not do on specific days like Ekadashi, Purnima, Amavas and eclipse - all the important information related to such topics you can get through the SMS service. All those interested must get their names and mobile numbers registered.

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