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A Journey with Shriji

Journey with Shriji

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Akshaya Tritiya- 2018

With the inspiration of Prernamurti Bharti Shriji, for the welfare of one and all, a hugh drive of Akshay(everlasting) Daan (donation) was organized at various places be it streets, villages or cities;  so as to provide contentment and coolness to the people who are tired with the intense heat inVaishakh Hindu month. Through ‘Laksh Prerna […]

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#YogaChallenge for international Yoga Day

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Swasthya Tips

1. Mouth ulcers are cured by gargling with any of these – cold water, cold butter milk, coriander powder or juice of green coriander. Drinking juice of green coriander is also helpful.
2. Cholesterol of 6 months is reduced by drinking milk of Desi(Native) cow with 1 spoon of pure ghee of Desi cow in morning.
3. One should avoid intake of tea, tobacco, dalda (hydrogenated vegetable oil) to be healthy.
4. Prepare paste by grinding old wood of Neem (Indian lilac)tree with pure water and apply it on affected area to cure itching.
5. In summer season, to cure dizziness, mix 1 spoon of dry coriander with water at night, in the morning, filter it, mix with crystal sugar and drink it with empty stomach.

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  • 24Jun

    Nirjala Ekadashi

    Devotees who are unable to observe all twenty fours Ekadashi fasting in a year should observe single Nirjala Ekadashi fasting as fasting on Nirjala Ekadashi brings all benefits of twenty four Ekadashi fasting in a year.

  • 28Jun
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Pujya Shriji's inspiritational and encouraging spiritual discourses; information about all the festivals and celebrations in a year and ways to celebrate them; what to do and not do on specific days like Ekadashi, Purnima, Amavas and eclipse - all the important information related to such topics you can get through the SMS service. All those interested must get their names and mobile numbers registered.

Charges for SMS service: 3 months- Rs 50, 1 year- Rs 150